House Moves To Preserve Right of Mentally Ill To Buy Guns

In a clear case of conflict of interest, House Republicans voted Thursday night to allow the mentally ill to purchase handguns without a background check on them or on the voices in their heads. House Republicans were helped by some House Democrats, because they were there at the time.

The bill, expected to pass into law, will a rule enacted late in former–FUCK THAT HURTS–Pres. Obama’s term that directed the Social Security Administration to tell the national gun-purchase background-check system which Social Security beneficiaries are too mentally incapacitated to handle their own benefits and therefore probably shouldn’t own a machine that spits death whenever your finger twitches.

Critics of the regulation said it was overly broad and would have prevented people with no relevant mental illness from buying a gun and walking into the nearest school and shooting third graders in the head.

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