Five Quickies

  1. The Census Bureau is weighing a request by the Justice Department to begin asking respondents about their citizenship status, a move which could simultaneously intimidate non-citizens and cut costs by gerrymandering the entire country in one fell swoop.
  2. Trump’s infrastructure plan is already ahead of schedule in running up costs, as the Providence Journal reports that the budget for an I-95 viaduct has soared in just one year to accommodate the vig required by privatization.
  3. The military today will begin recruiting transgender people to kill other people.
  4. The Trump Administration is rolling back regulations on offshore oil rigs such as the planned Deepwater VerizonTM in order to bring down gas prices and further destroy North Dakota’s economy.
  5. Puerto Rico announced this weekend that 55% of households and businesses now have electrical power and that the remaining 45% will have power restored by March or maybe May, depending on when emergency shipments of relief electricity arrive.