Working Americans Exercise Right To Ignore Incoming “Right-to-Work” Law

One month ago, we published Indivertible: The Fucking News Guide for Fixing the Fucking News, warning that chasing “hypocrisy” and outrageous statements and essentialist speculation about people’s intrinsic selves…would blind us to the actual shit that will affect actual people.

Three days ago, Axios–the insider publication for insiders who find Politico insufficiently insidery–wrote this: “We can’t stress this enough: Watch closely the specific, substantive moves of the Trump White House. Try to block out the white noise of outlandish statements and unforced errors, and the hyperventilating they provoke.”

On Tuesday night, we spotted a Tweet from RoseAnn DeMoro that said House Republicans will introduce legislation on Wednesday to make the United States a right-to-work country. We hadn’t seen any such news story among the justifiable coverage of the Muslim Ban, the Supreme Court nomination, and the dejustifying of the Dejusticed Department–or among the unjustifiable coverage of shit Sean Spicer said, shit Betsy DeVos may or may not have plagiarized, and shit Sean Spicer said about shit Betsy DeVos may or may not have plagiarized.

So we did a Google search. We searched all news outlets for any article in the past month that included the phrase “right to work” in combination with Wilson and “Steve King,” the two sponsors.

Here’s what we found:

Three stories. Deadspin. The Washington Examiner. Newsmax. Two of them, conservative outlets. One of which actually broke the story. Because they know where the fucking money is.

Literally the worst single blow in decades to organized labor, working men and women, the middle class, anyone who cares about income inequality, or a living wage, introduced in the House on Wednesday, with an anti-union president just waiting for it to hit his desk. Three stories.

Never mind that right-to-work laws interfere with the most primal, capitalist right there is–the right of individual parties to enter into contracts. Never mind that targeting unions is yet another way–along with targeting non-corporate lawyers–to target Democrats. Never mind that the success of organized labor drove the emergence and success of the American middle class, raising standards of living for hundreds of millions of Americans in unions and not. Never mind any of that, because no one’s going to know about it until it’s too late to flood the streets and stop it.

Three stories.

More, hell, this is all of it: Deadspin, Examiner, Newsmax