Word of the Day – Regyoulation

reg•yoo•lay’•shun (noun)
A federal or local rule meant to limit private enterprises in profit-seeking activities that might pose dangers to average people, future people, the environment, the economy, or other, non-commercial aspects of human existence; not to be confused with regulation, a federal or local rule that can only be justified on the basis of its benefit to private enterprise and its rich motherfucking owner motherfuckers who shit in our water, shit on our futures, shat the global economy, and are shit.
Ex. “I thought you were against regyoulations? All these new regyoulations limit what people can do, like free speech, recording police.”
“Those are regulations. I’m against regyoulations, which help people but hurt corporations.”
“I thought corporations were people, too.”
“Not when it’s cheaper not to be.”