Word of the Day – Nomineed

nah•mi•need’ (noun)
Any person, institution, or concept placed in consideration to fulfill the anticipated desire or necessity of having to someone to blame when the shit you’re fucking up starts showing results.
Ex. “Reince! Who the fuck caused Yemen to withdraw permission for our special ops there?”
“Well, after that Navy SEAL, an eight-year-old American girl, and other innocent people got killed in that raid you ordered after you chose not to ask qualified people how they would advise you if you were to take advice, Yemen wasn’t happy.”
“Okay, but who the fuck do I blame for it? I’m not scheduled to fire Bannon for another six months, and I’m saving you for when the first people to lose ObamaCare start dying. Who do I blame for Yemen? Carson maybe?”
“Well, sir, you’re obviously the most qualified nomineed in history.”
“Thank you, Reince, that means a lot. You’re blocking the TV.”