Word of the Day – Mexigo

mehk•sih•goh (verb)
To depart one nation under coercion or threat of force in order to return to a country that is not one’s home or to which one has never even fucking been, even though parts of it are very nice and the reports of rampant criminality are mostly overblown and primarily limited to specific regions.
Ex. “Get out of here, you illegal! Mexigo home!”
“But, Mexico isn’t my home!”
“Fuck you, Beaner! Mexico, Guatemala, whatever, it’s all the same! Mexigo already!”
“Dude, I’m from Idaho.”
“Ha! Prove it!”
“Well, I don’t have any ID on me. I must have dropped it at the voting site where I had to bring it to prove I’m alive.”
“Ah-ha! I knew it! Time to get Mexigoing. Get your wetback Idaho ass over that border.”
“Uh, okay. Hey, wait. I can’t”
“What are you talking about? Why not?”
“There’s a wall.”