Word of the Day – Manchin-Based Securities

Manchin-based securities
man’•chihn-baysd kyoodeez (noun)
A complex financial instrument that derives its value from the function of how much everyone freaks out about bullshit Trump bullshit in relation to how much attention anyone pays to genuine Trump bullshit like the rules governing complex financial instruments; see also: Joellateralized Donnelly Obligations, Angus-Based Funds, and Heidi Heitkampsomethingwallstreet..
Ex. “Boss, we can sell these shitty Volcker Rule rollbacks along with capitalization deregulation if we bundle them together as a Manchin-based security and say it’s worth something.”
“Hmm. Any media or protesters paying attention to the specific policy issues at stake with Dodd Frank?”
“Fuck it. Go ahead. It’s not like we’re betting 
our money.”