Word of the Day – Floodite

fluh’•dight (noun)
Any executive officer whose initial torrent of unenlightened, backwards-thinking stupidity is so overwhelming it floods earnest, hard-working journalists, sending them down rabbit holes on random shit like USTR staffing levels when they SHOULD be including other shit in today’s TFN like the Supreme Court’s decision not to hear Texas’s appeal on its voter-suppression law, the government bureaucrats who may be our last hope even though we don’t deserve them for all the shitting we do on bureaucrats, Trump’s first war kills, the hard-to-swallow shit coming out of fast-food clown Andy Puzder’s nomination to head Labor and which should have inspired us to make lots of good jokes about how he ground people up or shat in the food workplace or something, Trump pledging tornado aid despite pledging to freeze government spending and hiring, the Republican members of Congress balking at spending cuts as they realize the money gets spent on their constituents, how the gig economy has Uber drivers Ubernating overnight in their cars, IBM joining the ranks of big companies making big noises about hiring while quietly Trumping workers off to the unemployment line, the alarming spike in cervical-cancer rates right as the GOP is set to repeal the preventive care that can catch it, and oh year how the United Kingdom MIGHT have fired an unarmed nuke at Florida but now promises never to do it again unless it’s actually armed this time.
Ex. “Hey, you gonna get everything you want into tomorrow’s TFN? It’s not like a fraction of this shit is getting onto TV, you know. They’ve gotta debate Sean Spicer’s body language.”
“God damn this fucking floodite president.