Word of the Day – Botchulism

bahch’•ə•lizəm (noun)
A rare illness produced by a toxin also used in cosmetic surgery to conceal a major political party’s complete and utter failure to come up with a story in which the free market doesn’t let people who are free of money die outside the market; symptoms include spasms of bullshit about deregulation and feverish denials of soaring insurance costs; can occur even if the patient has eight fucking years to rationalize why it hates a health-care plan that emerged from Republican circles in the first fucking place..
Ex. “Mr. Trump, we’ve given our ObamaCare replacement liposuction, a tummy tuck, neck lift, boob job, a Dickens enlargement, and massive injections of botchulism. What do you think?”
“I still wouldn’t fuck it. Airbrush the whole thing or something.”