Women Mobilize Nation-Wide To Clean Up After Sloppy, Thoughtless, 70-Year-Old Man

Really White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer complained Monday that terror attacks have gotten less media coverage than protests have. Which would be nice if it were true, because maybe just fucking maybe grownups SHOULD pay more attention to what millions of sane, reasonable, informed fucking people have to say about their government than to the actions of one jackhole dipshit with a bag of fertilizer and a dream.

Spicer is therefore expected not to be happy when he hears that the organizers of the Women’s March on Washington are now organizing a general strike by women, on a date yet to be announced. If the strike goes through as planned, it will be the first time in history men would have to clean up their own fucking shit. Which would be ironic, because that’s what women will be doing with this strike.

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