Wilbur Ross, Master of Overseas Job Creation, Prepares For a New Challenge: Creating Jobs in America

Billionaire Wilbur Ross, whose hearing to serve as Commerce secretary in the Trump Administration is today, will be tasked with masterminding job creation, and as Reuters reported Tuesday, he is no newcomer to the task. At 79 years old, Ross is not expected to be a newcomer to anything ever again except maybe his 80s.

However, Tuesday’s Reuters report revealed that Ross has honed his job-creating skills overseas, creating 2700 jobs in other countries using nothing more than his brains, grit, privilege, the sweat of other people’s brows, sociopathy, and the raw materials of shattered and vulnerable American companies.

Labor Department records obtained by Reuters show Ross honed his overseas-jöb-creation skills in industries such as textiles, finance, and auto parts. At his confirmation hearing today, Ross is expected to outline how he will use his overseas-jöb-creating skills–such as sucking money and resources out of America–to achieve the ultimate peak in worldwide jöb-creation: Creating jobs in America.

The Reuters report came the same day as an Office of Government Ethics disclosure form detailing Ross assets valued at $336 million. According to a Fucking News analysis/half-assed-skimming of the form, Ross is or has been a board member, director, or other fat-fuck bigshot at 82 companies, 29 of which are literally un-American. Among the small-town Main Street locales where Trump’s Commerce secretary has run companies are: Mauritius, Hong Kong, China, Luxembourg, London, Paris, and the Cayman Islands, global headquarters of the Mom-and-Pop international-tax-law-following industry.