Uniter, Not a Derider

Although there’s no polling to support it, a wide range of anecdotal evidence suggests Pres. Donald Fucking Trump is bringing the country together again. The country, however, is Iran.

Anti-American sentiment had been on the wane, especially among Iran’s secular middle class. The easing of sanctions was helping Iran’s economy recover, and multinational corporations were eyeing investments there, which could have had a liberalizing effect, as well as strengthened the hands of those who oppose theocratic rule.

Not anymore!

The Economist reports that anti-Iran rhetoric and policies flowing from the Really White House have vindicated Iran’s hardliners, allowing them again to suggest that America hates the Iranian people, not just its theocratic government. A Trump spokesfuck told The Fucking News that internal polling finds that Americans do not hate Iranians, but do hate its theocratic government more than any other except their own.

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