Unintended Don Sequences: Mexicans Plan Massive Cross-Border Relief Effort To Fill Out Sparsely Attended Trump Rallies

With wall-to-wall cable-TV news coverage of Inauguration-Day-crowd-estimates-Gate, America’s neighbor to the south is pledging to send hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people into the U.S. to fill out the ranks and/or take manufacturing and other manual-labor jobs.

Until recently, more Mexicans had been leaving the U.S. than entering, due to Mexico’s improved economy. Trump’s rhetoric and policy proposals, however, have many Mexicans considering moving to America now that it is great again.

Mexico’s improved economy has taken a turn for the worse–exacerbated by soaring gas prices caused by deregulation. Trump’s suggestions of a trade war with Mexico have strengthened the dollar, but the weaker peso has spiked the cost of living in Mexico.

As fears surge that Mexico’s factories and auto plants will close, the desire to cross the border and help Trump fill out his rallies is growing. As The Guardian reported:

“You’re going to see a lot more people from the south coming up here to cross,” said Paulino Hernández, 38, seated in a Catholic-run migrant shelter in Tijuana, on the border with California. “People are feeling bad. Everything has become so expensive. The dollar now goes a lot further.”

“Hang on, President Trump,” Hernández added exclusively to The Fucking News. in an interview on the edge of fiction  “Mexico is coming to save you.”

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