Trump’s Labor Nominee Unable to Land Job

Andrew Puzder on Wednesday withdrew his application for the position of secretary of labor after he was not able to get the 50 references he needed. Several Republican senators had said they could not vouch for the fast-food CEO, based on his history of creating a hostile work environment for literally everyone who works for him.

Puzder’s resume included a background in robotics–which he favored over human workers–and disrupting the workplace by thinking outside the box of laws and regulations that cover the workplace. None of that disqualified Puzder in Republican eyes, however. It was his openness to immigration–a source of cheap fast-food labor–that swayed the Senate H.R. department to “go in a different direction” even though literally no one else had applied for the job.

Some of Puzder’s early background didn’t check out, as The Fucking News reported exclusively back in November. And the stuff that did check out was pretty fucking shitty. Like his opposition to the minimum wage, and possibly any wage. And health benefits. And vacation time.

Puzder’s experience in creating jobs came primarily in his innovative use of advertising his hamburgers with pictures of young, bikini-clad women eating them as lustily as if they were Justin Trudeau. Even with Pres. Fucking Trump, however, that tactic appeared unable even to create Puzder’s own job.

Puzder had not left his job as CEO of CKE, owner of Hardee’s and Carl’s, Jr., and is expected to remain in that position, unless they’ve replaced him with a robot.

In an interview with TFN that he’d sooner give to Michael Moore, Puzder said he had been wavering about the position, knowing that Pres. Fucking Trump could fire him at any time for any reason. “If only I had a union,” he said.

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