Trump Vows Crackdown on anti-Semitism, anti-anti-Semitism, and Semitism

Pres. Donald Fucking Trump on Tuesday embraced a Newtonian approach to the recent wave of hate crimes targeting Jewish people and institutions, hypothesizing that for every act of anti-Semitism there is an equal and opposite anti-anti-Semitism.

In his address to the nation, Fucking Trump referred to recent incidents targeting Jewish community centers and cemeteries and explained that hate and evil are bad. Earlier in the day, meeting with state attorneys general, he for reals suggested that anti-Semitic acts aren’t alwyas the work of anti-Semitic people, saying, “Sometimes it’s the reverse, to make people, or to make others, look bad.” A top Trump adviser also on Tuesday suggested that those responsible could be anyone, even people who love Jews, such as Democrats.

Reverse anti-Semitism, also known as anti-anti-Semitism, Semitism, or pro-Semitism, is a poorly understood phenomenon in which Jewish community centers spraypaint swastikas on passersby, headstones at Jewish cemeteries knock down mourners and visitors, and Jewish schools call neo-Nazi sympathizers and threaten to come to their homes and teach them Yiddish.

To ensure that the Trump Adminisylum is doing everythng it can to combat Semitism in all its forms, anti- and otherwise, Really White House officials are actually fucking considering cuts to the State Dept. budget–because you know how they are with money–that would include a final solution for America’s envoy on anti-Semitism, eliminating the position along with envoys for other mongrel races and undesireables to save money.

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