Trump, Terrorists Seek Additional Terrorizing of America

An unnamed senior Really White House official on Tuesday complained that terrorist incidents and alleged plots–anywhere in the world–“Do not spark the wall-to-wall coverage they once did. If you look back just a few years ago, any one of these attacks would have been ubiquitous in every news outlet.”
The Trump Adminisylum’s concern that Americans are not constantly being exposed to terrifying coverage of incidents that are carried out in order to generate terrifying coverage was echoed by other sources in the intel community. Specifically, the intel communities of ISIS and al Qaeda.

The rare common ground is expected to bring the three parties together in a possible accord to start a new, 24-hour terrorism channel that would provide wall-to-wall coverage of any terrorism, alleged terrorism, planned terrorism, alleged planned terrorism, or alleged intention to plan alleged terrorism.

The new outlet would complement existing efforts by the three parties to make people afraid of stuff that probably won’t kill them. “We feel this new venture is a natural extension of our brand,” said any of them.

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