Trump Team Vows Not To Save America From ObamaCare For At Least Two Years

Rep. Chris Collins (R-NY), the Trump transition team’s congressional liaison, said yesterday that Americans do not have to fear being rescued from ObamaCare, because Republicans won’t save them from its horrible tyranny for another couple of years.

Speaking from the new presidential briefing room, the set of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” Collins said, “What we’re saying is, we’re not going to pull the rug out from under anyone. There’s not going to be any changes in 2017. There’s not going to be changes in 2018.”

Instead, Collins later told The Fucking News on the set of “Morning Wood,” “You never want to save someone from a terrible fate too abruptly. You don’t just liberate people all of a sudden, right? Why do you think we dragged out the Iraq War? Not so fast, Auschwitz boy–baby steps! So we would never pull the rug out. It was woven by the Invisible Hand, so we’re going to spend the next two years gently easing the rug out, then enfolding people in its motherly embrace, wrapping them up in it and on the first day of the first fiscal quarter of 2019 we’ll find out if it’s a magic, flying carpet by throwing it off a fucking bridge.”

House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) yesterday refused to guarantee that TrumpCare, whatever the fuck that turns out to be, will cover as many people as ObamaCare does. However, Bloomberg reports that top Republican aides say privately there’s no fucking way.

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