Trump Takes Break from Signing Pro-Russia Law to Deny Aiding Russia

As a massive, new, massively new scandal exploded around the Really White House on Tuesday, Pres. Donald Fucking Trump paused from signing a law that could mean billions of dollars for corrupt Russian officials to deny helping corrupt Russian officials.

Just one day after National Security Adviser Mike Flynn resigned (see related story) to make it look like only Mike Flynn should resign, came multiple reports that–contrary to denials by Trump and others–top members of his campaign had been in constant contact with Russian intelligence officials. The new information came from unnamed American intelligence sources who denied they were acting on a personal vendetta against Trump, insisting they were ratfucking him to save America. Three months too late.

The mainstream media scrambled Tuesday to figure out what Trump might possibly have done for Russia. Meanwhile, Trump was signing a law supported by Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, a friend of Vladimir Putin–which was lobbied for by the former ExxonMobil CEO Rex Tillerson, a friend of Vladimir Putin–that would allow U.S. oil companies such as ExxonMobil to make payments to foreign officials such as Vladimir Putin.

Tillerson has argued that the old, anti-corruption rule puts American companies at a disadvantage in the corrupt-activities space competing against foreign companies who do not have to disclose corrupt payments to corrupt foreign officials to steal their oil. Except that they do. To date, Trump has never suggested it would be okay for Americans to take another country’s oil in any way that wasn’t above board. Except Iraq’s, which he said America should steal.

In an exclusive interview with The Fucking News, Trump denied that he was in any way giving Russia a quid pro quo by signing the bill, also known as the Russian Quid Pro Quo Act of 2017.

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