Trump Pulls off Scientific Miracle: Making Scientists Cool Again

Former–FUCK THAT HURTS–Pres. Obama tried to make science cool, but mostly made himself look cool for wanting to make science cool. The last time scientists were actually cool in this country was the last time scientists put humans on the moon.

Then came Reagan and the love of stupid.

Now, however, less than one week in office, Pres. Fucking Trump has turned the nation’s scientists–government scientists, no less–into bad-ass, sex-having, rock-star rabble-rousers.

Take the Science March. They haven’t set a date yet–because first you come up with a hypothesis, motherfuckers!–but it’s coming, and the support for it already is so off the Leeuwenhoek it’s quantifiable. One quantum physicist told The Fucking News, “We are going to Washington and we are going to peer review the shit out of Trump like he has never been peer-reviewed before.”

Then there are the rogue Twitter accounts set up by scientists, science sympathizers, and Fulbright Fellow travelers, trolling and generally pissing off the commenter-in-chief from hidden redoubts deep within the government.

All told, Trump has popularized Newton’s law that for every action by an asshole president there is a better and awesomer reaction by some underpaid fucking superhero toiling away in the government for the sake of humanity.

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