Trump Offers Watertight Contract to Experienced Waterboarder

The Trump Adminisylum has chosen as the Central Interrorgence Agency’s top career official a C.I.A. veteran who has fought terrorists by using torture, the way non-terrorists do. Gina Haspel, the agency’s new deputy director, brings a resume that boasts management of a secret “black site” similar to those the Founding Fathers envisioned, torturing two suspects to produce vital information that they did not produce, and then destroying the evidence of all the shit she had done.

Haspel was not prosecuted by former Pres. Obama, whose reference letter for Haspel, obtained exclusively by TFN, says, “Gina was an excellent torture supervisor and an absolute delight around the office. She waterboarded well with others and motivated her team to be self-starters and others-torturers.”

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