Trump-Free Briefs

  • The Heritage Foundation is pushing a plan to slash funding for disaster relief, which would reduce government’s ability to respond to the other disasters the Heritage Foundation is pushing.
  • Flight cancellations and baggage fuckups fell to record lows under President Obama last year, which would have counted as grounds for impeachment two months ago.
  • Senate Republicans on Tuesday introduced a bill to eliminate the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau as part of an overall effort to eliminate consumer financial protection.
  • Utah’s assault on public lands has prompted a threat from companies that sell outdoor gear to move their annual trade show from Utah, which would also allow them to meet somewhere other than Utah.
  • The already endangered Monarch butterfly has been devastated by extreme winter storms that are in no way whatsoever related to climate change.
  • A new report shows that a long-coveted, long-stupid plan for a gold mine in Alaska is a stupid fucking idea, and after digging into the facts exposed a rich vein of stupidity that runs through the idea that you can mine for gold in Alaska cheaply and without ruining other shit that, hey, is also worth something.