Trump-Free Briefs

  • The Pope appears to back the water protectors fighting the Dakota Access Pipeline, which literally helps not at all unless he does something other than pray.
  • Warren Buffet is dumping Wal-Mart, just like America is. And retail. Just like America is.
  • Some Lamborghinis are being recalled due to fire risk. The recall poses a threat to the economy, because the economy could be brought down if the wrong Lamborghini owner doesn’t die in a car fire. Fires can start in certain conditions if the tank is overfilled, leading regulators to urge Wall Street bankers to overfill their tanks.
  • Arizona is inviting death-row inmates to use their own drugs to self-execute themselves, the way civilized societies execute people.
  • Apple is arguing no one but itself should be allowed to fix its iPhones, because they explode into flames at the touch of competitive flesh.