Trump-Free Briefs

  • Congressional repeal of ObamaCare in its entirety could re-open a tax loophole just in time for tax reform to funnel the entire 1% through it.
  • Auto sales have dipped slightly, while discounts have driven off a cliff, suggesting the auto industry is not about to start hiring pickups full of new workers.
  • HSBC bank is arguing against release of a report on its internal monitoring systems–after it was caught laundering drug money–while federal prosecutors are arguing against releasing the report.
  • Disney CEO Bob Iger is considering a run for president, if he can find a successor at Disney, which will need a strong leader if we have another fucking businessfuck in the White House again.
  • The Dow on Wednesday hit 21,000 but has decided to go higher in order to make an even bigger splash when it comes down.