Trump-Free Briefs

  • New election data show some unexpected bright spots for Hillary Clinton that are driving efforts to go after red seats previously considered safe because Democrats didn’t bother going after them.
  • Auto dealers are sitting on unusually large amounts of inventory, suggesting that the auto industry will soon have to cut production, cut prices, or cut anyone’s hopes for massive job creation.
  • Amazon’s cloud service went down on Tuesday, taking down thousands of companies’ websites in what Amazon termed a successful beta test of its new SkyNet program.
  • Intel says it has achieved 100% equality in pay and promotions for women, African Americans, Hispanic Americans, and native Americans, calling it an indication of the company’s health and, by implication, an indication that the rest of corporate America has pancreatic cancer.
  • Uber’s CEO got one star from an Uber driver after getting caught on tape being a CEO.