Trump Finally Hires Latino After Unable to FIll Job with White Guy

In keeping with his history of hiring Hispanic or Latinx people as a last resort–or for the lowest wages–Pres. Donald Fucking Trump on Thursday announced that he intends to have one Latino on his cabinet.

In a pattern that might sound infuriatingly familiar to many of Fucking Trump’s supporters, anchor baby Alexander Acosta will be taking the job of Labor secretary away from Andrew Puzder, and, by all accounts will be doing the job ten fucking times better.

The AFL-CIO said Acosta “deserves serious consideration,” or, in non-press release-speak, “Holy fucking shit, did you see the size of the Puzder-sized bullet we just dodged?”

Acosta is expected never to be allowed into the actual Really White House, but even if he is restricted just to the grounds outside, he will still likely hire actual human beings to carry out Labor’s enforcement and other functions, rather than the orcs and troglodytes on Puzder’s speed-dial.

Update: Acosta was at the head of the DOJ’s civil-rights division when Bush and his fucks used the civil-rights division to install federal prosecutors who would divis Americans from their civil rights by trumping up voter-fraud cases to justify restricting ballot access. Acosta claimed innocence of the whole scheme, but who the fuck knows. Democrats, get some answers. You know who you are.