Trump Doubles Down on Democracy: One Person, TWO Votes

Pres. Donald Fucking Trump wants to make America twice as great again, by giving every American the right to vote twice, double the amount they had under Pres. Obama. The news came after Trump said he wants an investigation into how Hillary Clinton got three million people, including dead people, to vote illegally last November, while he couldn’t get half that many to show up for his inauguration last week.

Although poll-registry inaccuracies are not uncommon, they usually result from people moving or dying or getting Netflix, rather than in actual illegal votes being cast. Only four individual cases of fraudulent voting were documented last year, and three of them appeared to be Trump supporters.

Trump’s support for the controversial, One Person, Two Votes system came after news broke that the list of people registered to vote in two places last year included his daughter Tiffany, his Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, and his top adviser Steve Bannon.

“If one man, one vote is the basis for democracy, one man, two votes can be the basis for double democracy,” Fucking Trump could have told The Fucking News in an exclusive interview for all you know. “Think of it, we can elect twice as many people that way.”

Trump’s intent to crack down on non-existent voter fraud is reminiscent of a similar crackdown by Pres. Bush, which succeeded in exposing the political pressure the Bush White House put on federal prosecutors and led to both parties calling for the attorney general to resign.

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