Ten Quickies

  1. Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME) says she will vote against EPA nominee Scott Pruitt, because he’s toxic.
  2. Climate-change executive orders could accompany Pruitt’s swearing in; hopefully, as effectively and skillfully executed as the Muslim Ban executive order.
  3. Restaurants today are leading the way for a Day Without Immigrants, so Mar-a-Lago might not be running at peak efficiency today.
  4. Friday is a general strike against the shittiness of reality; buy nothing, protest everywhere.
  5. Asked about a recent rise in anti-Semitism and xenophobia among Trump’s supporters and among Trump, Pres. Fucking Trump while standing next to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu replied that he won the Electoral College vote and was almost able to say out loud that his daughter is Jewish.
  6. The reported new national security adviser, Vice Admiral Robert Harward, grew up in Iran and is apparently not a raving freak, meaning he might both provide a counter-balance to Bannon and not nuke his high-school alma mater.
  7. The C.I.A.’s new number-two may have to testify in court about how she waterboarded her way up the career ladder.
  8. Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) will vote against Fucking Trump’s choice to lead the OMB, Mick Mulvaney, for Mulvaney’s past opposition to spending more money on guns.
  9. A DREAMer who had a work permit is suing after being detained during last weekend’s immigration raid, because Trump fucks up everything.
  10. Fucking Trump is expected to sign a bill allowing 75,000 people with mental disorders to buy guns; The Fucking News is hosting a special ceremony in the Senate chamber to celebrate and invites all 75,000 to bring their guns and join us.