Ten Quickies

  1. Pres. Fucking Trump on Thursday asked a black journalist to set up a meeting with the Congressional Black Caucus; betraying not just casual, implicit racism, but staggering ignorance of the norms of journalism. Or at least the public norms of journalism. And racism.
  2. Fucking Trump also appeared not to know what CBC stands for, which you’re allowed not to know. Unless you’re the president.
  3. It turns out a Day Without Immigrants is a pretty shitty day. Especially if you’re one of those people who eats food.
  4. Almost 800 former EPAers have signed a letter urging the Senate not to confirm Scott Pruitt as head of cutting off the head of the EPA, which it will (see Today’s BFD).
  5. Whole Foods is closing some stores and transitioning to ones that require fewer staff, because job creation is booming.
  6. The State Dept. reportedly is out of the loop when it comes to, uh, foreign policy–having no access to Fucking Trump and learning about U.S. foreign policy from foreign diplomats, according to yet another batch of leakers.
  7. Fucking Trump’s daily briefings are only one quarter as long as Obama’s, don’t probe as deeply, and other sex-innuendo things.
  8. A new website has been established to accommodate the hundreds, if not thousands, of federal employees trying to leak shit about Fucking Trump; the site joins existing resources such as TheFingNews.com.
  9. Jeep is laying off thousands of workers in Toledo, but says most of them will be rehired. Most.
  10. Fucking Trump reportedly is holding his Florida rally this weekend because everything he sees on TV pisses him off, so, like most old, white men who hate their jobs and can’t find any shows on TV about lovable, old, white men who hate their jobs, he’s planned an evening of local community theater.