Six Quickies

  1. Trump says after Friday’s inauguration he will take Saturday and Sunday off, because fuck this shit.
  2. Republican Party officials are telling prospective candidates they must win the blessing of Donald Trump before running in 2018, a move which has the blessing of Democrats running in 2018.
  3. In a new poll, economists say the greatest economic threat to the country during the Trump Administration is the Trump Administration.
  4. The White House has conceded that it will fail to close Guantanamo Bay before the end of Barack Obama’s presidency, unless Trump is really late to his inauguration.
  5. Six intelligence and law-enforcement agencies are investigating whether Russian cash was used covertly to help the Trump campaign, a scenario that, if true, could prove devastating to Trump on Election Day.
  6. Pres.-elect Fucking Trump’s choice for budget director did not pay taxes on the salary for a household worker of his, leading critics to note that Trump’s choice for budget director has a household worker.