Seven Quickies

  1. The bulk of Pres. Fucking Trump’s state visit to the United Kingdom is being shifted to Scotland, where he is less hated.
  2. On Thursday, his first day in office, Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke reversed an Obama-era ban on lead bullets and fishing tackle, ensuring lead poisoning in the interior of the wildlife in America’s national-wildlife refuges; a bald eagle promptly died of lead poisoning and fatal symbolism.
  3. The Really White House budget proposal for the EPA reportedly cuts its climate-protection program by 70%, and urges Americans to breathe 70% less air.
  4. Taking some initiative, the EPA halted an inquiry into oil- and gas-industry emissions of methane, which will be the subject of a future inquiry into why it halted its inquiry.
  5. Repealing ObamaCare could disproportionately impact HIV patients, which could split Republicans who disagree over whether that’s a feature or a bug.
  6. The global 1% are pitching in to make up the difference for Pres. Fucking Trump’s ban on funding for any organization that acknowledges the existence of abortion, but not pitching in so much as to make them not be the 1%.
  7. The new Trump travel ban will be announced next week, the Really White House said, replacing the first travel ban, which had to be issued without warning to prevent “bad guys” from having, say, a week to get into the country first.