Senator Shot Down in Failed Raid to Rescue GOP Repeal Plan

THE FRONT LINES — In a daring, pre-lunch raid Thursday morning, Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) led a team of commandos–or possibly legislative aides who were going commando–and backup reporters and camerapersons on a mission to rescue the secret House leadership plan to repeal ObamaCare. The raid failed, however, as the repeal plan’s captors had secreted the plan to another, undisclosed location–almost as if they were tipped off.

The plan has been in captivity since birth–Republican senators had been told they could have proof of life for the plan by visiting it, but would not be able to liberate it. Paul on Thursday stormed the room where it was being held only to find it had been spirited away–and that leadership aides refused to reveal where it is now. Despite the ticking-time-bomb scenario that at least 20 million American lives may depend on getting that information as soon as possible, the leadership aides have not yet been tortured.

The raid is the second one in the two-month-old Trump Adminisylum to go amiss and fail to capture its target. The Really White House said it will ask a tearful Paul staffer to be recognized at Trump’s next big speech.

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