Senate Democrats Fail to Block Ross Confirmation After No-Night Filibuster

Vulture-capital billionaire Wilbur Ross was confirmed as Commerce Secretary by the Senate on Monday night by a vote of 72-27, after Democrats mounted an overnot non-filibuster that lasted into the we-caved hours of Monday night.

Nineteen Democrats, and Sen. Angus King (I-ME), who caucuses with the party, helped not block the confirmation by taking all the bathroom breaks they wanted and not holding the floor by listing, for example, all the people who have been fired by Ross over the course of his 79 years on Earth. And then those Democrats joined the Republicans to confirm the foreclosure-king, coal-miner-killing billionaire with ties to Russia as America’s Commerce secretary.

Ross’s nomination was considered relatively uncontroversial due to his well-respected record of successfully working within existing norms to exploit the American economy for his own enrichment.

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