Ryan, Trump Team Hold Secret Sit-Down to Divvy Up the Moolah

Members of the Short-Finger Gang led by known lawbreaker and president-elect Donald “Fucking” Trump had a clandestine meeting last night with Paul Ryan and his Capitol Hill crew to figure out how to split the loot, according to a report in the Washington Post.

Trump’s five populist, salt-of-the-Earth representatives at the sit-down on coming tax policy included two alumni of the Goldman Sachs posse: A former trader and its most recent president.

The men–because that’s who’s in charge now–met to divvy up the tax-cut spoils from the job they pulled off in November. The two gangs have butted heads over international trade, but broadly agree on issues such as their joint protection racket extorting money from taxpayers to line the pockets of their inside men–because that’s who’s inside charge now–on Wall Street.

The plan calls for them to meet their getaway town car around the corner in four to eight years and beat it over to their hideouts on K Street.

The two gangs had a verbal agreement to use the billions from their recent job to fund more jobs. However, as TFN Specially Reported on Friday, instead of using their ill-gotten simoleons to finance new jobs, Ryan’s crew, the Goldman Sachs posse, and corporate America have already decided to pull a fast one on Boss Trump, and use the dough for share buybacks, dividend payments, automation, and Mergers & Acquisitions.

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