Russia Tests U.S., Emboldened by Weakness of Trump’s Brain

Emboldened by the Trump Adminisylum’s ineptitude, mania, impulsivity, silliness, thoughtlessness, ahistoricity, anti-intellectualism, arrogance, short-sightedness, myopia, irrationality, ignorance, incuriosity, and general dumbness, Russia is now stepping up its aggressive posture toward the United States.

The New York Times reported Tuesday that U.S. officials believe Russia is now deploying a cruise-missile system that the Obama Administration declared a treaty violation. It’s not clear why Pres. Fucking Trump is letting Russia get away with it, but Republican administrations have historically been weak on foreign policy.

As further evidence, U.S. satellites are now monitoring 70 miles off the coast of Delaware a Russian spy ship, the SSV-175 Viktor Leonov, which was originally christened as the SSV-175 Mike Flynn until a hastily arranged renaming ceremony on Tuesday.

Additional signs of Trump Adminisylum fecklessness on Russia emerged with new reports that on Friday several Russian military jets buzzed the U.S.S. Porter in the Black Sea. Pres. Fucking Trump allowed this aggression to stand, man, with no retaliation, like a weakling.

Kremlinologists say Russia has been emboldened by Fucking Trump’s shows of weakness and his hostility toward traditional American allies such as Mexico and facts.

more: Fox, HuffPo