On Russia, Europe, Trump Embraces Schrödinger School of Foreign Policy

Questions surrounding Pres. Fucking Trump’s positions on Russia and Ukraine–and his commitment to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization–were answered/not answered in a series of incidents this weekend.

The New York Times reported that several associates of Pres. Fucking Trump–and who isn’t proud to have a president with “associates”?–including Trump organization lawyer named Michael Cohen delivered a proposed Russia/Ukraine peace proposal to then-National Security Adviser Michael Flynn at some point in the brief span during which Flynn was the national security adviser. The Washington Post followed up that report with its own report that Trump organization lawyer Michael Cohen did not do that thing. Analysts says that which report is true depends on whether observers see Cohen as a particle or a wave.

The Ukraine peace plan would accommodate Russia by allowing it to keep most of the territory it has seized from Ukraine, and accommodate Ukraine by establishing a framework for how Russia will be allowed to keep the rest. Monday’s cease-fire in Crimea lasted until later on Monday.

While Trump considered/didn’t consider the plan that Flynn did/didn’t receive, Vice President Mike Pence this weekend sought to reassure Russia that it has nothing to fear–telling the nations that border Russia to buy more weapons. Asked what the penalty will be for nations that don’t, Pence said for real, “I don’t know,” an obvious threat and/or admission of inability to make threats.

Pence added, for real, as if it were not infantile, “Questions for the future we’ll just leave in the future,” after which he opened a box with a cat inside and shot it.