Republican Glimpses World Outside The Matrix

Rep. Raul Labrador (R-IA), on Tuesday enjoyed a brief glimpse outside The Matrix of ObamaCare opposition, and described what he saw to reporters.

Labrador has spent the last eight years in a world where ObamaCare represents deadly tyranny. However, on Tuesday, he said the following to reporters:

“Something that Republicans need to concerned about is that [if] we’re just going to replace ObamaCare with ObamaCare-Lite, begs the question, were we just against ObamaCare because it was proposed by Democrats? And if that’s our position, then we’re very hypocritical. Then we really were just taking a political position, not a policy-based position. If we’re going to come back with something that does exactly the same thing as ObamaCare, but change a couple things and just call it TrumpCare or RyanCare, then what was our fight about for the last six year?”

It was not immediately clear how Labrador escaped his cuckoon. On Monday night, however, Labrador and other members of the House Freedom Caucus voted to oppose any ObamaCare repeal that lets stand the Medicaid expansion that red-state governors love because it lets them have ObamaCare.

Labrador declined to say whether he took the blue pill or the red pill. Either way, however, if the hard-liners stand by their opposition to a watered-down repeal, they might just end up saving ObamaCare.


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