Report: No Ties Between Attorney General Abandoning Black People to Bad Police and Democratic Calls for His Resignation

Top Senate Democrats are calling for Attorney General Jeff Sessions to resign, one day after news came that Sessions said the Justice Department will ease up on police officers and departments that violate the civil rights of people of color and/or non-color.

The calls for Sessions’ resignation were unrelated to his formal, institutional decision to deny American citizens the civil-rights protections of the nation’s federal law-enforcement agency. The calls stemmed instead from a new report Wednesday night that he had two meetings last year with a Russian ambassador believed to be a spy who’s so bad at spying that he’s believed to be a spy.

Sessions told Congress under oath last year, “I did not have communications with the Russians,” which is clearly more serious–unless it’s not–than telling the Justice Department to stop protecting Americans from bad police officers and systemic law-enforcement racism.

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