Pharma Chameleons: Thirteen Senate Democrats Stand Up for Tiny Number of American Jobs

A dozen Senate Republicans broke ranks with their party late Wednesday night, to support a Democratic bill that would let pharmacists import identical but Canadianly cheap drugs from Canada.

The vote was little noticed, coming in the midst of a flurry of votes that included the procedural vote to move ahead with repealing ObamaCare as a budget issue, which renders it immune to Democratic filibusters.

With a dozen Republicans jumping ship, the measure to ensure that poor and middle-class Americans might still be able to afford lifesaving medications even after ObamaCare’s repeal was a sure thing.


Thirteen Senate Democrats jumped ship. That’s right, 13 Democratic senators voted against free trade to protect American jobs–namely, the thousands of middle-class Americans who work the graveyard shift on relentless assembly lines cranking out high-priced pharmaceuticals.

And also the jobs of 13 Senate Democrats.

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