Objective Media Embrace Subjectivity When Subject Is Objective Media

Pres. Donald Fucking Trump announced he will not attend the White House Correspondents Association dinner in April, following a Friday incident in which some news outlets were excluded from an off-camera briefing, and some observers are suggesting that the WHCA replace Trump with actor Alec Baldwin, who portrays Trump on Saturday Night Live and in Trump’s mental image of himself.

Such a move would allow the WHCA to signal its displeasure with Trump’s treatment of the media, while still allowing it to showcase a high-profile person with a documented history of toxic, derogatory rhetoric aimed at the disenfranchised.

One WHCA told TFN, “We were considering disinviting Trump anyway, to protest the fact that some of the select, rich, corporate media who are allowed to get White House credentials were not allowed into one room at one time to meet with a guy they meet with all the time and ask him questions they could ask him at any other time and instead were forced to get the information from that meeting from other people who were allowed to be there. This kind of infringement on a free press is exactly the kind of first step that eventually leads toward us not being free to cover the environment and economic inequality and social injustice¬†that the American press has always been¬†free to choose not to cover.”

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