Obama Delivers Moving, Mature, Personal, Profound, Intelligent, Compassionate Farewell Speech Just To Rub It The Fuck In

At times both deeply personal and profoundly relevant to the nation and the world, President Barack Obama last night delivered his last substantive remarks to the nation in a speech intended to remind Americans just how fucking good they had it before they chose four years of moral monstrosity to replace him.

History will remember Obama as the only American president between the years 1960 and 2020 who was not some combination of sexual predator, developmentally disabled fun-loving man-child, straight-up criminal, straight-up criminal-president pardoner, embarrassing redneck, or George H.W. Bush.

Obama came into office as modern Democrats do–cleaning up whatever shitstorms have been left behind. He leaves having steered the economy out of its greatest economic crisis in a generation, having saved the United States auto industry, having moved the nation closer to renewable energy and environmental policies that might mitigate climate change, having established affordable health insurance as an American right, having mostly/kinda avoided a new large-scale land war, having protected people and new areas of land from corporate encroachment, and having fucked up the hand-off so now we have to go through another cycle of catastrophic Republicanism for Pres. Michael Moore to clean up in 2020.

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