New Trump Officials Cleared of Giving Paid Speeches to Goldman Sachs, Their Former Employer

Goldman Sachs alum Steven Mnuchin reportedly has decided to appoint as top Treasury officials three people who have never been paid to give speeches to Goldman Sachs.

The three men are former Bear Sterns chief economist David Malpass, former Morgan Stanley banker Justin Muzinich, and Goldman Sachs partner and managing director Jim Donovan. The three join a growing team of Trump officials who have never been paid to give speeches to Goldman Sachs, including former Goldman Sachs Pres. Gary Cohn, former Goldman Sachs partner and Managing Director Dina Powell, and former Goldman Sachs Vice President Stephen Bannon.

Having received money to address employees of Goldman Sachs could have proved fatal to the nominations of any of these people, indicating a potential conflict of interest in their stewardship of the economy and oversight of Wall Street. The new team will now be paid by taxpayers to give speeches to Pres. Fucking Trump encouraging him to drop the protectionism that got him elected and lower taxes on Wall Street, just like his voters wanted.