New ObamaCare Changes: Drops Coverage of Death-by-a-Thousand-Cuts

The Trump Department of Health and Human Services—and OMFG how is that a thing—on Friday will propose a new rule scaling back some elements of ObamaCare.

The new rule, another example of government overreach, was not accompanied by the repeal of two existing rules—we checked!—as Fucking Trump promised, because who even listens to that shit any more. The changes ostensibly are meant to stabilize the insurance market, which Aetna said has been destabilized by Pres. Fucking Trump.

Among the changes Pres. Fucking Trump’s super-efficient, private-sector-dedication-to-customer-service administration is bringing to ObamaCare:

  • Shorter enrollment period by half
  • Reduced eligibility for coverage
  • Lower-quality insurance plans in federal exchanges
  • No re-enrollment for anyone who owes back premiums

Allowing insurers to sell lower-quality plans will lower costs for insurers, but will also mean that the cheapest plans no longer cover treatment of chronic health issues such as knee injuries sustained in our race to the bottom.