House Passes Rule Making Destruction of America Less Time-Consuming

The House voted on Wednesday to let members consider vast batches of Obama Administration rules without considering individual Obama Administration rules. If approved by the Senate when the Senate approves it, the so-called “Midnight Rules” bill will allow Congress to bundle recent Obama regulations and put them up for a single vote, without having to debate the merits of any individual rule.

A Wall Street Journal editorial Wednesday night complained about specific areas of Obama regulatory excess that will now not have to endure the messiness of representational democracy, including:

  • Commercial-vehicle operation
  • Natural-gas flaring on public lands
  • Overtired truck drivers crashing unsafe oil rigs into unregulated natural-gas flares on public laokay we made this one up but it could happen based on the first two!

The new bill reduces the odds that members of Congress will face reproach for undoing any specific regulations. However, Washington insiders consider the process the legislative equivalent of brushing your teeth while sitting on the toilet taking a grueling shit. No matter how clean you might actually be when it’s over, a part of you feels dirty forever.

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