Mostly United, States of America Celebrate America’s Independence by Declaring Independence from America

As of Tuesday night, 44 states had responded to Pres. Donald Fucking Trump’s commission on voting integrity’s request for information about all their registered voters with some form of rejection, including regional variations, such as New York’s “Go fuck yourself.”

Six other states have either suggested they will comply, are still considering the request, or still can’t fucking believe Donald Fucking Trump is fucking president.

The president’s commission on voting had requested not just public information, such as the names of registered voters and the years in which they voted, but also private data such as Social Security numbers, mother’s maiden name, and who they voted for.

If all 50 states reject the administration’s request, the group could decide to secede from the country and form a new country, which would unite all 50 states of America.

Some states expressed concern that the commission’s purpose was to validate the bullshit notion that hordes of people are voting illegally, fearing that this might be exactly ifuckingdentical to when the last Republican president tried the same fucking shit in order to justify tightening restrictions on legal voters to make it harder for them to vote for Democrats.

The Trump Adminifuckingstration tried to ally those concerns by having the Justice Department send the states a letter asking them to outline their voter-registration procedures, so that they can be ended.

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