Modest Supreme Court Nominee Kept Pro Bono Work Secret From Everyone Including People Running His Pro Bono Work

The Wall Street Journal reports it has been unable to find anyone with any specific recollection of any specific action taken by Pres. Fucking Trump’s Supreme Court nominee during his alleged pro bono work in law school. Because shocker.
Judge Neil Gorsuch has listed pro bono work assisting prisoners, and in a past email described it as “very rewarding.” The Journal, however, says his yearbooks don’t even list him in the “Not Pictured” section for the programs, and the surviving administrators who administrated the program don’t recall ever administrating him.

However, TFN has turned up several former convicts who exclusively offered their account of his work representing them within the Massachusetts prison system. “I remember he was passionate about deregulating sales of loosies in the yard,” said one.

Another recalled Gorsuch arguing that an inmate might have been shivved by the Invisible Hand.

Gorsuch is expected to be confirmed no matter what he did when to whom.

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