Iraqi Forces: Eastern Mosul Under “Full Control” Minus Parts Under Partial Control, Not Including Forests

The fight to liberate eastern Mosul is officially over except for the fighting that still remains to be done, Iraqi military officials said Wednesday.

Lt. Gen. Talib Shaghati said Iraqi troops are now in “full control” of eastern Mosul, except for the river bank, the forests, Saddam’s palaces, parts of the northern front, that bakery over there, the walrus house at the zoo, and at least four Arby’s.

The almost good news came as almost a relief to residents of eastern Mosul, which is still under partial ISIS control. The Guardian newspaper reported that, “The task of retaking west Mosul is likely to be a difficult one for Iraqi forces.” Reuters, meanwhile, reported that Shaghati, “said that recapturing Mosul’s western half, which the jihadists still fully control, would be an easier task. Officers have previously said that the more densely populated west bank of the Tigris could pose additional military challenges.”

Now on to parts of western Mosul and easier/difficult partial victory!