In Intelligence Battle, Trump Vows Unilateral Disarmament

Pres.-elect Donald Fucking Trump on Sunday suggested that the CIA is disseminating fake news, which (a) duh, and (b) indicated that Trump has decided unilaterally to abandon America’s historic reliance on ginned-up bullshit scary “intel” to justify its wars.

Trump’s remarks came in response to comments by CIA Director John Brennan, who suggested that Trump is a moron. Trump, however, has cast aspersions on America’s war-justification community before.

America’s intelligence community originated from the need to protect the country from secret efforts of rival nations to protect themselves from America’s extraction of their resources such as oil and produce.

By publicly disparaging the integrity, duh, of America’s intelligence community, Trump has chosen to saw off one of the legs of the nation’s traditional two-legged stool of war justification: Secret scary intel and myopically bellicose logic.

Should Trump decide to declare all-out war on America’s intelligence community, experts say, he will first have to create a new agency to gin up the fake intel required to justify such a war.

more: HuffPo, CNN, AP