Gold Star Dad Has Questions about Successful Death of His Son

The father of slain Navy SEAL Chief Petty Officer William “Ryan” Owens says he wants answers about the planning for the mission in Yemen on which his son was killed. Pres. Fucking Trump approved the raid over a fantastic dinner attended by top military analysts including Steve Bannon, Jared Kushner, and the White House sous chef.

In an interview Sunday, Owens’ father said he has deep reservations about Pres. Fucking Trump’s handling of the mission, and no reservations at Mar-a-Lago to help him get answers.

The Really White House has said that the raid was a success because of Owens’ death, which made it impossible to criticize the mission, because that would dishonor Owens, meaning therefore every mission in which Americans die is a success. Trump has promised America so much winning, we will get tired of winning, as Owens’ father now is.

House Republicans have not said whether they will launch a formal investigation of the successful death of Owens, but they have vowed that one way or another they will figure out how his death was a failure of Hillary Clinton’s.