Funky Coal Patina: McConnell Urges Trump to Make America’s Small Rivers, Creeks, Swimming Holes and Breathing Air Polluted Again

Senate Maj. Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) last week sent Pres.-elect Fucking Trump a letter outlining a range of ways to increase pollution in this country.
Specifically, McConnell requested that America’s streams contain more debris from coal mines in the future. He also wants Trump to replace small streams and wetlands with real-estate developments.

In addition, McConnell requested that the federal government allow coal-fired power plants to increase the amount of carbon pollution they emit into the nation’s air supply. Asthmatics and other people with respiratory ailments are currently permitted to tap the nation’s air supply at no cost. Currently.

The AP reports that McConnell’s letter said that Trump, “inspired the American people with your vision of less regulation, free and fair competition, and enhanced job opportunities.” However, as The Fucking News re-reported back in November, just one week after Trump’s election, McConnell was asked whether the Republican agenda would restore coal jobs and said, ” that’s hard to tell because this is a private sector activity.”

In other words, letting coal millionaires shit their coal shit into our lungs won’t bring back jobs, it’ll just mean the coal millionaires have to spend less money keeping their coal shit out of our lungs.

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