Four Quickies – Jan. 4, 2017

  1. Gulf Coast Republicans are deciding they might support federal transportation after all, since Amtrak won’t be Amblak after Jan. 20. Officials say the transportation infrastructure they now support since their president-elect does, too, will make it easier for them to execute high-speed ideological u-turns in the future.
  2. A new study finds that gun violence spreads like a contagion, transmitted not via DNA, but NRA, which got Republicans to block federal research on exactly this kind of shit for years, proving anti-facters can be just as deadly as anti-vaxxers.
  3. A new McDonald’s just opened inside the Vatican, prompting protests that the restaurant’s tacky decor might detract from the solemn work of sexism, homophobia, body shaming, Puritanism, magical thinking, pedophilia, and its global McBody of Christ franchise.
  4. US Food and Drug Administration inspectors warned an Indian drug maker last month that it risked contaminating drugs it exports to the US due to “unraveled stitching” in workers’ medical gowns and that it had damn well better drag its feet on fixing this shit for at least 16 more days.